Frequently Asked Questions

While the water is chlorinated, we strongly encourage the use of bottled water for drinking

In this case, please WhatsApp +6590628742

It is meant for single professionals who are sincerely looking for a marriage partner to start a family. Anyone who is financially stable, mentally and physically healthy, are eligible to join.

All images are for illustrative purposes only. Our team will select the most suitable date(s) for you based on personal data and preferences, subject to availability of candidates. If feelings do not match, you may be given the opportunity to choose from candidates, subject to availability, who have expressed interest in our program. ( no more then 3 ladies )

All meals are included except where indicated in the itinerary or on the  day of City Dates.

Kazakhstan is a secular state, the use of alcohol is not prohibited by law. However, there are time and age restrictions on the sale of alcoholic beverages, as well as a ban on use in public places.

Our Singles Program are meant for bona fide singles who are seeking serious and healthy relationships leading to marriage and family. We are not an escort agency.

Singapore is two hours ahead of Kazakhstan.

Between the months of March and May, temperate ranges between +10 and +25 degrees celsius. Please pack appropriate clothings according to the weather.