Turgene waterfalls


Best time for visit: June – October

Turgene waterfalls are truly a paradise of untouched nature, located 44 km from Almaty in the beautiful Turgen gorge of the Ile-Alatau National Park.  In ancient times, caravans travelling from Europe to the exotic east – to China and India- passed here.  There are seven waterfalls of different heights and capacities in the Turgen Gorge, the most beautiful of which are Medvezhy and Kairaksky.

Medvezhy Waterfall is located in a picturesque place among the overhanging rocks, its height is 30 meters.  Rocks in the tract are broken by an earthquake, revealing imprints of plants of the preglacial period.  The waterfall is surrounded on three sides by cliffs and in order to get there, one needs to walk along mountain trails for about 3 km.  300 meters above the bridge, from which they usually go to the Bear Falls, there is a “source of beauty”, a spring with tasty and cold spring water.  An old legend says that one who drinks water from the spring will surely rejuvenate his body and soul, becoming stronger and healthier.  And if you make a wish, it will come true.

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